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       Xuanwei longjin biotechnology co., LTD. Was established in2013Years11Month,Is the collection lamps take other medicines breeding、Breeding seed seedlings、GAPPlanting demonstration、Technology promotion、Technology research and development、Origin in raw、Sales for the integration of professional plant。According to the company“Regional distribution、Scale development、Industrialization、Science and technology lead、Standardization management、Ecological concept”The development of ideas,Built at present in China the largest concentrated continuous lamp flower standardization planting base,Initially formed complete lamps take Chinese traditional medicine resources industrial chain,Both guarantee the kunming longjin pharmaceutical lamps take raw material supply and raw material quality,At the same time, and so did the local rural economic development。


       Constantly consolidate industrial development foundation。In xuanwei hot water town built lamps flower seed breeding base、Seedling breeding base and the lampGAPThe model of cultivation of the core、No tower water supply automation micro spray irrigation system、Seedling breeding greenhouses、Floating system small tunnel、The drying workshop、Medicinal material warehouse and office、Room and board、The power supply.....



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